Friday, 16 January 2015

Third round of the SWSA F3F Winter League is ON

Hi All

Well most of the weather forecast are good for Sunday with it putting us on the VR slope at the moment. One or two are just giving an outside chance of flurry or snow but otherwise okay so I will call the competition  on.

We will aim to meet 09:00 to 09:30 at the Wrecker Car Park, but keep an eye on the posts tomorrow if there is change in wind direction it might just shift to the Ice Cream Slope and I will notify you all.

The only downside is that the numbers are a little low and with Saturday night being one of the coldest this year I am not sure if some people might not want get out of bed in the morning plus some parts of the country are being forecast with a deluge of snow tomorrow. The names I have to date are below but please lads let me know if you intend to fly but aren't booked in or are having second thoughts as I wouldn't want some of the pilots to travel so far and then find we don't have enough for a competition. 

For those booked in I will contact later tomorrow just to confirm numbers  as I don't want you to have wasted journey on Sunday, but hopefully it will be good news. 

All the best


Simon Thornton
Joel West
Clayton Landlells
Mark Redsell
Martin Drewett
Mark Treble
Stuart Wallace
Andy Burgoyne
Andrzej Tabero

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