Saturday, 27 December 2014

Woollybacks F3F 2014

Hi All

Sorry for the late post but I have been away with the family for two days.

Okay it looks like it could be quite marginal tomorrow,  especially  after midday. What wind there is would now suggest the Wrecker.

I will be going up and will aim to get there by 09:30 am and will take the gear with me. If there are enough likeminded bodies we can set up a course and have a competition if not then we can just have some fun sport fly. I know it's late but if a few people want to confirm they want a competition I can l post later to help the other make a decision if anyone wants to travel or not.

I have to be honest I have been up there a couple of time in the last few months with a very similar forecast and not managed to fly!

There are a couple of guys coming over who what to fly some combat but have promised to keep out of our way if we run a comp. So it might be worth putting a fomie in the car just in case we can't get a comp but can have some combat fun with them.

Hopefully I will see tomorrow and all the best


Sunday 28th December
A widespread frost at first, with any early freezing fog patches of low cloud slow to clear. It will be a dry day with generally light winds and plenty of sunny spells. It will be cold and walkers should be prepared for the conditions.
Generally excellent, but very poor in any fog or hill fog.
Hill Fog
Broken patches possible above 600m, gradually clearing.
Max wind above 400m
Northeasterly 20mph at first, easing to variable 5-10mph.
Minus 2 Celsius, becoming plus 6 Celsius.
Minus 1 Celsius.
Freezing level:
700m, but possibly remaining below freezing all day in sheltered valleys.
Recent Rainfall

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