Friday, 17 January 2014

SWSA F3F Winter League is ON

Hi All

Right, it look we are in real danger of getting a competition in on Sunday, so the Winter League is on.

The wind forecasts have been flipping between Mickey's and the back or the Wrecker over the last 48 hours although it is looking more like Mickey's now.

We will meet at the "T" junction and head up to the slope at 09:30. Just to let you know there is a degree of change ongoing between over the farmers over the land and  Jonathan who currently open the gate for us has asked that we keep the gate closed. He would like us to pull the gate closed and  by putting  open pad lock through the hasp to keep the gate closed.  So if you turn up late please pull the gate closed and put the lock through.  I have raised concerns about us getting locked in but Jonathan has assured me that he will be within five minutes of the gate all day if someone locks it.

So I am looking forward to seeing you all Sunday and all the best


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