Saturday, 28 December 2013

I don't think this is a good thing......!

Getting my gear ready for the "Woollyback" Christmas Bash I was greeted with "Data Loss Immanent - Contact MPX Service" is not want you want to see.

If anyone out there has had this and found an quick fix please let me know!

Talking of the Woollybacks, the Farmer will be opening the gate for us at 08:30 am if you want to have a quick fly before the comeptition

All the best



  1. have you tried turning in off and on again :-) works on 90% of all known IT problems.
    I suspect a small button battery on the Motherboard CMOS is a possibility worth a look inside

  2. Agree it sounds like it's time for a new motherboard battery.
    I have a spare 4000 and a date lead if you're has enough life to transfer the files you can borrow that tomorrow if you need,