Saturday, 16 November 2013

First Round of the Welsh F3F Winter league is OFF

Hi All

sorry for the late post but I have just got in from work. I have to be honest it doesn't look good for Sunday. For the last couple of days rain was the main concern but this now has past. The real problem now is no wind as there appears to be a big high pressure sat on top of us.

Of the five weather sites  I have looked at only one is giving us flyable conditions which is the Met office mountain forecast on the Wrecker, true this is one of the most reliable.  Every other site is give between 2 to 5 mph with variable directions with everything from the Crest to the VR slope s we could end up chasing the wind all day.  

As always with the Bwlch you could go up Sunday and it could be great but I have to make a call now as I am working tomorrow and I am afraid that with the way things are looking at the moment I think the best thing is to call it off.

All the best


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