Tuesday, 27 August 2013

VV Sting for sale

My good friend Mike Young is selling his Sting and Pylon Racing plank  if anyone is interested. This would be an ideal model for anyone wanting to dip their toe into the F3F pool for the first time. Please have a look at the trailing email below and contact Mike via email at if you are interested
Failing that please get in touch with myself and I will let Mike know
All the best
Hi Andrzej
If you hear of anyone after a starter F3F / back up model can you point them in my direction? I have a 2.8m F3F Sting for sale. Its not pristine but certainly serviceable. Way back when I bought two Stings to make one good one hence the colour differences. There are 2 x Sanwa 792s in the fuse, 2 x JR 368s on the ailerons and either multiplex or Volz on the flaps, they are red anyway. I’ll remove the battery as it maybe a little suspect now sitting on the shelf for a couple of years. I've also got a 60” plank I was racing with before packing it in, ballast tubes in fuse and wing, no idea what servos, can’t remember and without cutting the wing open to find out, 2.4ghz Rx but I’d remove the battery as I wouldn’t trust it, again no idea on price. I’d ring around but unfortunately my phone crashed and deleted the address book.