Sunday, 24 March 2013

Brass Monkey Champion of Champions

Well with all the fast times this year there was another first and this was cancelling an event because of the cold.
With Snow thick on the ground and 10 to 15 m/s blowing up the Wrecker it was so tempting to try to run the event. But with Simon measuring -160C wind chill there was a very big concern for peoples welfare with dangers of hypothermia or even possible frost bite in these conditions.
Added to this we would now be moving towards the sort of temperatures that NiMh start to play up. The thought of a fully ballasted model heading back towards the slope at over a 100 miles per hour and then loosing control was all to worrying to contemplate! 

Not to mention the joys of landing a fully ballasted model  in these temperature. Freezing cold temperatures, glass and carbon fibre and lots of energy to dissipate which all add to a good recipe for disaster.    
There was a notable sigh of relief from everyone when it was called off!

Champion of Champions 2013
Thanks to Ian for organising the event.  Also thanks also to Traplet  Publications who provided a goody bag for all the competitors.  There was some discussion on departure about a possible rescheduling of the event. This will clearly be up to Ian and how we fit it in to what looks like a busy year this year, but it would be a shame to let this annual event slip.   
See you all soon

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