Friday, 28 December 2012

It's looking a little wind and wet for the Woollybacks

Hi All
And I hoped you all had a Very Merry Christmas. As you all know this coming Sunday is scheduled for our traditional end of year Woollyback event.   

I have to brutally honest and say it doesn't look good, but seeing as it isn't a league event I will leave it to you all to make your minds up! it will be my intention to head up to the Bwlch with the timing gear Sunday morning for 9:30 ish and if there is enough of us there and the conditions allow we will run the event.

Why the little pessimism? Well if you trawl around you can find a few weather forecasts that suggest clear spells between the showers the more worrying fact is forecast wind speeds.  The Met Office  are suggesting 55 mph at 400 metres  and Metcheck is suggesting 22 - 45 mph and this is usually at valley floor level, so you can easily put 10 mph on top of this once on Mickey's. This is putting us right on the maximum for an F3F event with it building in the afternoon.  Not to mention warm moist air hitting a cold Welsh slope in the winter usually means rain and clag!

So if you feel mad enough to join me then you will be more than welcome. But if you decide to have the common sense to stay in bed, I can't blame you!

So just in case I don't see you Sunday, may I take this  opportunity to thank you for supporting the SWSA events throughout the year and wish you all Happy New Year.


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