Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New Ceres

Hi All

I know I have been quiet for a few weeks but this has been down to a number of things but mainly work, a very bad back, family commitments, the weather and my birthday, as I have now reached the grand old age of 50 L.

Still a little something turned up in the post yesterday to bring back a smile to my face from Mr Baudis, a nice new Ceres
Now I can all hear you say he has just got a wonderful Willow and fantastic Stinger what on earth is he going to do with another Ceres.

Well for those of you who weren’t there my old Ceres bit the dust at one of the winter leagues. My own silly fault, I parked way back over the quarry as I walked off to land on the Ice Cream slope and then couldn’t get her to come forward even though I had loads of height and all the ballast in, the rest I would say was very painful! I wouldn’t say she is terminal but she is going to need an awful lot of TLC before she can fly again.

That said I was smitten with her. She was originally Greg’s but then found her way in to John Phillips hanger, where she suffered some minor abuse with his impeccable flying style, before she came to me!

Joel kindly gave me his setups, which I plugged in and as a result fell in love her the very first time I chucked her off the slope. In fact the setups were so spot on every time I make a change I seem to end up going back to the original settings, nice one Joel.

Now as I said, young Mr Phillips had tested the air frame to its full and one of the resultant effects was so much slop on the flaps that she would wave to me every time she flew past. That all said even in this state her energy retention was fantastic in the turns, hence one reason why I liked her so much. So after that depressing day when I modified my old Ceres it was a bit of a no brainner to order a new one.

As you can see the packaging was a marvel in itself and well done to Jiri for going to this effort to get the Ceres safely to me. I have gone for RDS this time as it appears to have eliminated the slop problems earlier seen. I know some manufactures don’t agree with RDS on flaps as it doesn’t seem to have the holding power of conventional linkages when on a winch, but living in Wales I can’t find a field flat enough to setup a winch, so I don’t think this will be a problem for me!

It goes without saying the finish is top draw as you can see form Jiri and I am really looking forward to getting her into the air.

Hopefully things will slow down a bit for me soon so that I can get some building done. So with a bit of luck I will post some pictures of the Willow, Stinger and Ceres progress in readiness to the fledged from their respective nests in the near future.

All the best


New Ceres


  1. The Ceres repaired well and is now flying again. :)
    Thanks Andrezej!

  2. One too many "e"s in that name - apologies!