Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Fourth Round of the SWSA F3F Winter League

Hi All

This Sunday 15 February will be the fourth round of the SWSA F3F winter league. I will make a call Friday if the competition is on and if so more details of meeting times.

If I can have entries by Saturday I would be grateful as it helps with or organising the flying order and get things running on the day. However, if you wake up Sunday morning and decide at the last minute you want to fly you will more than welcome, but you might find yourself early in the flying order!

If you are thinking about having a go in F3F the winter league is a great place to start, it's all pretty informal and don't worry if you haven't got the latest state of the art carbon fibre dream machine to have a go.  Sure it nice to have but it is more important that you have a go at standing in the centre of a course and trying to fly a kilometre as fast as you can with what ever plane you have got.  Better to find out flying a foamie that F3F is for you than spending thousands only to find out you have made an expensive mistake!   

Unfortunately I won't be able to make Sunday but Clayton has stepped in to make sure everything run smoothly so see you all soon and all the best


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