Saturday, 14 December 2013

SWSA F3F Winter League is off

Hi All

I am sorry to say that although one or two forecasts are suggesting the rain might not arrive until mid afternoon quite a few others are suggesting that it will arrive around or before midday. Added to this we have a mild and moist south to south-westerly air flow this time of year which could well mean clag prior to the rain. This in all reality means we won't have enough time to get a competition in.

So I am sad to say I will have to call tomorrows competition off!

On a more brighter note may I take this opportunity to  wish you all a happy Christmas. If it's  Christmas, it means  it's Woollyback time! Looking at the calendar Sunday the 29 falls nicely between Christmas and New Year. So if I get enough interest I will propose to  run it on this date.

I look forward to seeing you all soon and all the best


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